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Career Excelerator Video Overview
The Career Excelerator program is a comprehensive tool designed to provide you with career advancement opportunities, clear objectives to achieve growth in your current role, and actionable steps to prepare your for the road ahead. Explore everything the program has to offer through the informational video below...

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Career Excelerator Program Overview
Career Excelerator is a roadmap to success which helps clearly define career path possibilities and allows you to explore potential growth opportunities, meet your career goals, earn additional benefits and higher level compensation, and sets a clear path for career advancement opportunities. Click the link below for details...

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Annual Review

Annual Review Information
Each year you will bid through crew scheduler for a day to spend at the Cataldo corporate office where you will receive your annual review & Report Card, mandatory HR training, update your CORI, photo ID, Fit Test and TB Test review. There are prerequisites to accomplish prior to your review. Click below for details...

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